What the VHP2 can do for you and your international collegues!

Want to know more about your employee rights?

Come and discover VHP2!

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  • VHP2 and other unions represent all personnel in negotiations about labour conditions such as Collective Labout Agreements (CLA’s) with companies like ASML, Philips, Signify, NXP. Furthermore, VHP2 listens to its members and adresses their interests during negotiations!  
  • VHP2 advocates the interests of higher educated personnel.
  • Expats/internationals are underrepresented in unions and therefor there is a lot to win
  • VHP2’s lawyers can advise and represent you in cases concerning labour law:  for instance when there is a conflict of interest between you and your employer. This legal aid is free for members.
  • Personal development coach.
  • Financial advise.

Along with expats/internationals we can represent your interests even better. You can help us and yourself to forward the invite (see attachment) to expats/internationals and to invite them to the meeting. It would be even better if we could welcome you to the meeting with one or more expats/internationals. Together we can explain what VHP2 could mean for your career.


Together we move forward!




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