VHP2: Now more than ever!

dinsdag 1 september 2020

In these special Corona-times we want to distinguish ourselves from others by providing  the best service possible for our -new- members.

In the last several months we have helped numerous members with legal assistance. This varied from support with reorganizations to answering questions about holidays (e.g. whether your employer can demand that you use your holidays during a certain period). We have received some positive feedback and for us this is a clear reason to continue our service.

We would like to help our new members too and therefore we have a special arrangement that will start on september 1st 2020. The 6 month waiting-time for legal assistance will be ruled out for every new member when he or she remains a member for a minimum period of 1 year.  

become-a-member. VHP2 Achieving more together!

Casper Vaandrager

Managing Director VHP2


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