VHP2: Especially now

dinsdag 21 april 2020

Because of the Corona-crisis numerous companies are now negotiating with the VHP2 about possible adjustments to the labour conditions: For example, concerning the request of holidays, the introduction/abolition of shifts, the postponement of individual salary increases and/or bonusses etc. This is probably only the beginning. The employers-organization AWVN predicts that in 2020 the wages will be at the zero line. Moreover, it is not unlikely that the number of bankruptcies will skyrocket in 2020 and 2021. 

The VHP2 has represented and defended the interests of high-tech-professionals since 1949. Now especially we want to defend the interests of professionals more than ever. The VHP2, consisting of  Jörg Sauer, Casper Vaandrager, Mirjam Ponsioen, Mariam Stappers, Wilma van de Kruis, Frans Westerman and Monique Bredo, stands by you – in these uncertain times as well. In these challenging times our legal professionals have helped countless members with legal aid and advice. Jörg Sauer and Casper Vaandrager have defended your interests on the collective level. We have already proven this with constructive and, where necessary, firm interventions at (among others) Signify and Fokker. Within these companies we have prevented or mitigated corona-measures. 

Membership of a union is no unnecessary luxury. Recently we have welcomed many new members. We are of course delighted with this but also feel a special sense of responsibility towards realizing your expectations. Partly for this reason we have altered our conditions for colleagues who are not members: For every new member who signs up before May 15th we will not invoke the 6-month waiting time concerning labor disputes. In other words: You will be assisted at all times. Help your colleagues and yourself: forward this email and bring VHP2 to the attention of the general public.

Sign up. VHP2: Together we move forward!

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